Our Charities

The charities support through your participation in the Caribbean Cup Tennis Series are all about helping children in the local communities. We believe this is where we can make the biggest contribution - starting at the source. By enriching the lives of local youth we are helping them to experience more, learn more and grow more. You too are supporting them, just by playing. And wouldn't want to help with that? 

Here are a few of the charities we work with:


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Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation

The mission of Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation is to improve the lives of the next generation of Jamaicans by creating a world-class education system through investment in infrastructure, resource materials and expertise.

To date, Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation has raised more than $1,500,000 thanks to our generous sponsors and donors - and we're still going strong!



Barbados Tennis Scholarships

In partnership with Barbados Tennis Association, we are happy to support Barbados Tennis Scholarships. 



Special Olympics Cayman Island

Special Olympics is a global organization that serves athletes with intellectual disabilities working with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and coaches each year. Since the establishment of Special Olympics in 1968, the number of people with and without intellectual disabilities who are involved with the organization has been growing, but the unmet need to reach more people with intellectual disabilities is staggering.



Our award winning youth programs have achieved success and international attention among tennis professionals despite the fact that our primary operation started  on two deteriorating public courts, and occasionally, on a few of the local hotel courts during the off-season.  The programs are designed to challenge the students in three main areas:  (1) Academically – to help students meet the requirements of accredited colleges; (2) technically – to help students reach exceptional standards in tennis and (3) Socially – to help students demonstrate self-discipline, anger management skills, team building and leadership.


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